Precast Concrete Admixtures

Fully utilizing the Ekan R&D Centre with its high-tech chemistry, polymers, ready-mix concrete, and cement laboratories, Ekan Chem provides the precast concrete sector with plasticizers, set accelerators, air-entraining admixtures, formwork release agents, water impermeability admixtures, and many more.

For Heavy Constructions;

Flex, Mix, HZ series help accelerate the casting of concrete by increasing the early strengths of cement. They also contribute to energy saving efforts by accelerating the steam curing of concrete.

Flex and Mix series help improve the workability of concrete by reducing the water/cement ratio.

For Light Constructions;

Plast and HZ series help expand the production volume by accelerating the casting of concrete.

The Air serie lightens the weight of non-load bearing concrete components by lessening their unit weight.

The Oil serie is applied to the formwork before concrete pouring starts. Staying between the concrete mass and the formwork, it leaves no room for air within the formwork, and a perfect concrete face is achieved as a result.

The Plast serie helps increase the strength and durability of concrete by reducing the water/cement ratio.

The Hydra serie enhances the durability and water impermeability of concrete by reducing the capillary breaks within.