Ready-Mix Concrete Admixtures

Fully utilizing the Ekan R&D Centre with its high-tech chemistry, polymers, ready-mix concrete, and cement laboratories, Ekan Chem provides the ready-mix concrete sector with plasticizers, set retarders, set accelerators, water impermeability admixtures, air-entraining admixtures, shot-crete chemicals, and many more.

Smart, Flex, and Mix series help improve the concrete quality by reducing the water/cement ratio during concrete manufacturing at the plant, resulting in concrete with high strength and durability.

The RD serie is used to improve the pumpability of concrete on the construction site, after the concrete is brought to the site by transmixer.

GCT and HZ series help manipulate the setting time of concrete, either through retardation or acceleration, after the concrete is poured into formwork at the site. In the end, the final concrete is achieved in the desired time period.

The Air serie protects the concrete against the freezing/thawing cycle with its air-entraining feature.

The Admix serie enhances the water impermeability of concrete against capillary absorption.

The Shot serie accelerates the concrete setting in shot-cretes.